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Ypsilon Mountain Mummy Range RMNP Winter Wonderland Photos

Photos of Ypsilon Mountain Mummy Range RMNP, a Colorado Winter Wonderland: Sunrise photographs of the Mummy Range and Longs Peak Range in Colorado’s Rocky Mountain National Park, reveal a Winter Wonderland in Autumn. The previous evening dusted Rocky mountain National Park with a nice layer of snow giving us a picturesque Winter Wonderland. As we traveled into the park we noticed a brilliantly clear star filled pre-dawn sky. These conditions allowed us to capture the beautiful Milky Way over Ypsilon Peak and Mummy Range in Rocky Mountain National Park. This photo of the night sky was captured at approximately 5:57am (one hour before sunrise).

The pink atmospheric light of The Belt of Venus revealed the fresh Colorado powder upon the pines along the steep slopes of Rocky Mountain National Park. The Belt of Venus, Venus’s Girdle, or antitwilight arch is an atmospheric phenomenon visible shortly before sunrise or after sunset. It casts a pinkish glow in the sky extending roughly 10–20° above the horizon surrounds the observer. These wintery sunrise photos of Rocky Mountain National Park were taken from Dear Mountain on October 3rd from 6:54 am to 8:04am.

Snow Capped Ypsilon Mountain, Mummy Range RMNP Photo Gallery

Gear Used to Photograph Ypsilon Mountain Mummy Range & RMNP Winter Wonderland

The following camera gear was used in the Colorado Landscape Photography of The Mummy Range, Longs Peak and Rocky Mountain National Park:

    Snow Capped Ypsilon Mountain Pink Sunrise Belt of Venus

  • a Nikon D850 with Kirk Arca Swiss Bracket,
  • a Nikon D810, MD12 Battery Grip with RRS L-Bracket,
  • F-Stop Gear Aloe Green Tilopa Back Pack (with large Pro ICU),
  • a Nikkor 14-24mm, f/2.8,
  • the Nikkor 24-70mm, f/2.8,
  • a Nikkor 70-200mm, f/2.8,
  • a Gitzo CF6X Mountaineer 2 tripod (GT2530),
  • with a Really Right Stuff BH-40 LR Ballhead,
  • and an Apple iPhone 7 Plus,


More Technical Details about the Photos

The 5:57am morning exposures of the Milky Way over Ypsilon Mountain were 10 seconds long at f/2.8 with an ISO of 6400. We blended 7 photo together in a process to help reduce image noise created by the high ISO. The sunrise photos of Longs Please & and The Mummy Range averaged 2.5 seconds to 1/4 second at f/8. We used the Nikon D850’s and D810’s native ISO of of 64. A few of these images were created by combining 3 or 5 exposures at one full stop apart in Adobe Lightroom. This HDR process was done in order to capture the high dynamic range of the early morning light. The very wide panoramic photos were created by stitching between 9 and 19 vertical images together in Adobe Lightroom Classic.

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